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This acrylic multi purpose filler, with its high quality and long lasting features is perfect for many jobs such as filling cracks and holes. It can adhere to most substrates and it has an fungal agent to prevent mould in high humidity areas. It requires minimal tools, produces no fumes and is very easy to clean up so the job can be done quicker and more efficiently. This filler is the necessary tool for all professional painters and DIYers.

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Mould Resistant – Paintable – Easy to Clean – 20y. Guarantee

Fill All Gaps Multi Purpose Filler will cover all holes, gaps or cracks and prevent pests and dirt from coming in. Its the perfect tool for paint preparation that will adhere to:



Is paintable and dries quickly and is it perfect for filling and sealing all the gaps and cracks. Great for surface preparation before painting.

Easy to clean

Because it is acrylic based product it is very easy to clean up with a wet rag or soapy water. This feature makes it a very easy and practical tool.

Mold Resistant

Low shrinkage and bonding to many surfaces makes it absorb the thermal movement. With this you can use less mechanical fasteners.

20y. Guarantee

Against cracking, pealing or crumbling under proper usage. We give the one of the longest and comprehensive guarantees in the industry.


All the surfaces must be sound, clean, and free of dust, oil or contamination. All the release agents, existing waterproofing, dust, loose mortar, paints or other finishes must be removed. To clean the surface before caulking use mineral turpentine wet cloth and methylated sprits and leave to dry. For more stubborn finishes use sander.


Cut off the top of the cartridge, position the threaded adaptor to the cartridge. Cut the threaded adaptor on an angle corresponding to the joint width. Place the cartridge into gun and inject the joint with the filler. Apply sufficient pressure to the filler to ensure good penetration and adhesion to the joint sides. The applied filler should be smoothed immediately with a wet cloth or spatula to clean off excess filler. Can be painted within 24 hrs. after application Staerk Fill All Gaps Multipurpose is not suitable for areas with constant exposure to water and temperatures below 5C.


Clean while uncured with a wet rag. After hardening the excess filler can be removed with a spatula or sanded with fine grade sandpaper.

  • Non-toxic
  • If medical advice is needed have the product container and label at hand
  • Read the label before use
  • Gloves and goggles must be worn during application
  • If skin contact occurs remove the sealant with a cloth and wash skin thoroughly with water and detergent for a minimum of 15mins
  • Avoid eye contact before curing. If this occurs rinse opened eye for several minutes under running water, then consult a doctor.
  • Ensure proper ventilation at workplace or curing area.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Protect from freezing, store in a cool dry place below 25 C temperature to prolong its service life.
  • Product must be used within 24 months of purchase.

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